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Bali Chakra Stone Kit
Bali Chakra Stone Kit

Bali Chakra Stone Kit

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10 bracelets sets each with 3 bracelets for $150 $$ saved $50, 16.7% discount 25% while supplies last, no returns


LoveStoned Crown Chakra - White Turquoise (Set of 3)
LoveStoned Third Eye Chakra - Labradorite (Set of 3)
LoveStoned Throat Chakra - Lapis Lazuli (Set of 3)
LoveStoned Heart Chakra - Jasper (Set of 3)
LoveStoned Solar Plexus Chakra - Brown Agate (Set of 3)
LoveStoned Sacral Chakra - Pink Agate (Set of 3)
LoveStoned Root Chakra - Hot Lava (Set of 3)
Power Chakra - Awakening Amethyst (Set of 3)
Power Chakra - Growth Green Garnet (Set of 3)
Power Chakra - Healing Blue Agate (Set of 3)