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Color Kit - Black & White

Color Kit - Black & White

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Skinny LOVE Bracelet - Black/Gold
Atitlan LOVE Bracelet - Black & Neutral
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Midnight Quartz
Skinny LOVE Bracelet - White Gold
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Safari Khaki
Seed Bead PEACE Bracelet - Gold & White
Taj LOVE Bracelet - White & Black
Chaquira Bracelet Set (of 2) - Black & Brown
LOVE Bracelet - Gold/Black
Skinny Diwali Bracelet - Silver Light
Seed Bead LOVE with Hearts Bracelet - White & Gold
Skinny Diwali Bracelet - Dark Black
Taj Beaded Bracelet - Black and White
LOVE Bracelet - White/Gold
Bali Metallic Friendship Bracelet - Moonlight Shadow
Taj LOVE Bracelet - Black & White
Skinny Diwali Bracelet - Gold Flame
Peace Bracelet
Seed Bead LOVE Bracelet - Black and Gold